Arrangements For Monitoring Quality Of Teaching, Learning & Students Performance.

There will program coordinators who will look after the academic requirements and facilitation of the students. They will be the persons to contact for the students. However we will hand over the manual of rules, regulations, standards for outlines, attendance, teaching quality standards, Student Feedback forms regarding teachers, administrative support and overall facilities. SIMT Management i.e Rector/Director and Director QEC will be monitoring every process very closely and working out every possible plan to facilitate the teachers and students in every way.

Grading Plan

Grading plan of a course covers the overall performance during a semester. A typical grading plan is a follows:

Measure Marks
Mid Term Examination (25 marks) 25
Quizzes (2 Quizzes) 10
Assignments/Term-report/ Class Presentations 10
Class Attendance 5
Final Examination 50
Total Marks 100


Grade Grade Points Percentage Obtained in a Semester System
A 4.00 85 and above
A- 3.66 80-84
B+ 3.33 75-79
B 3.00 71-74
B- 2.66 68-70
C+ 2.33 64-67
C 2.00 61-63
C- 1.66 58-60
D+ 1.3 54-57
D 1.00 50-53
Fail 00 Below 50

Passing Percentage is 50% in a subject. Minimum 2.5 CGPA is required for the award of Bachelor’s and 3.00 for the Master’s Degree Programs.