The students of SIMT have been given a unique opportunity to join an establishment committed to the pursuit of quality education. To develop an environment conductive for education enhancement it is necessary that they abide by these rules and regulations.

  • Students are the ambassadors of SIMT. Their behavior inside and outside the campus should be mature.
  • Students coming 5 minutes late will not be allowed to attend class or sit for the exam.
  • Students are not allowed to take food or drinks in the class rooms/library/computer labs.
  • Students are required to display their current identity cards at all times. Failure to do so may result in them being barred from lectures/examination(s).
  • The institute will not be responsible for the loss of personal belongings/personal injuries to students while at the premises.
  • Defacement of institute property and misuse of equipment will be treated as a serious matter and may lead to suspension from the program.
  • Students should park their cars/motors cycles in the designated areas. Vehicles are parked at owner’s risk.
  • Students should inform the office of any change in home address/telephone number.
  • SIMT Is strictly a non-smoking area and any of the students found smoking in the campus premises will be dealt with strictly.


1. General

English is recognized as the universal language of communication. Therefore, it has been adopted as the language of instruction at SIMT. Students are also expected to communicate/respond in English while on the campus.


2. Semester System

The institute operates on a Bi Semester system. Duration of each semester is as follow:

Spring —— Jan to June
Fall —— July to Dec

Duration of ‘Fall and Spring’ Semesters is 16-18 Weeks,(For Repeaters).

Regular class attendance and lab work is compulsory. 75% attendance is mandatory and students with more than 25% absences in a course will be disqualified from the final exams and will receive F grade. Suggested distribution of a courses mark is as follows. –

1 Class participation 5%
2 Assignment/Surprise quizzes/Presentation 10%
3 Two pre-announced quizzes in 4th and 12th week arranged by teacher 10% 10%
4 Mid Term Exam 25%
5 Final Exam 50%

Credit Hours

One credit hour in theory is equivalent to one contact hour per week for full duration of semester. One credit hour in practical is equal to Three hours lab sessions per week.


Course Load

Course load is defined as the number of credit hours for which a student is registered in a semester. The academic course load for individual students varies according to his/her G.P.A. In the first semester the course load for individual students is pre-assigned by the academics department and it may vary between 15 to 18 Credit Hours.



Some courses have pre-requisites which must be cleared first. Failure to clear pre-requisites will result in the course being cancelled and F grade being recorded.


Grade Grade Points Percentage Obtained in a Semester System
A 4.00 85 and above
A- 3.66 80-84
B+ 3.33 75-79
B 3.00 71-74
B- 2.66 68-70
C+ 2.33 64-67
C 2.00 61-63
C- 1.66 58-60
D+ 1.3 54-57
D 1.00 50-53
Fail 00 Below 50

Semester Grade Points Average (GPA) is computed as follows.

GPA = Sum of (credit hour x grade point)
Total credit hours

Selection Of Course / Program Planning

Program Coordinator is available to advise the students in selection of core / elective / pre-requisite courses.