SINDH INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY (SIMT) accepts credits from all HEC recognized institutions under the following conditions:

  1. A candidate must obtain 70 marks or B grade in the equivalent course to apply for transfer/ exemption at SINDH INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY (SIMT).
  2. A candidate may request for transfer of 50% maximum courses in the bachelors/masters degree of programs.
  3. The transfer/ exemption of course is only granted if the course has same credit hours and matching course content as the corresponding course at SINDH INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY (SIMT).
  4. Level of degree shall be same, i.e. a bachelor level course completed elsewhere does not make one eligible for exemption for Master coursework.
  5. If a student has completed the same course in a different degree earlier, the academic content of that course may be transferred if the course content is matched.
  6. Student may be tested through examination process at SINDH INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY (SIMT) for every course in which one is claiming exemption to check the level of knowledge before the course and its credit hours are transferred.
  7. Course exemption fee is charged on courses exempted/transferred. Fee of Rs. 2500 per exemption shall only be charged if course and corresponding credit hours are transferred.