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ORIC Steering Committee 


The Steering Committee Shall 

  1. Chairman
  2. Director ORIC
  3. Management representatives

To support and coordinate research and commercialization initiatives within the university, the SIMT Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) has been established. This policy specifies KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to assess and measure the performance of ORICs and defines their roles, responsibilities, and missions.


By providing a platform for the mission-driven individuals to step forward and carry out the mission, improving the trends of research activities for the improvement of areas concerning economic, industrial, social, and academic development and their accelerated advancements for achieving the national objectives.


The ORIC Department’s responsibility will be to always have ready access to information about:

  1. A single point of contact for all mentoring and facilitation for high-quality research
  2. To develop and strengthen partnerships between institute researchers and potential industrial users of their research
  3. To create an ethical institutional review board in the university to conduct thorough assessments of research proposals and ensure that all research complies with ethical standards
  4. To establish the Intellectual Property Policy (IPR) policy for the university, protect the interests of academics, and the safety of the researchers.
  5. Determine, create, and market the university staff members’ intellectual property through licensing and spin-off agreements.
  6. To fulfill all of the institute’s academic and market research requirements.
  7. The creation of an annual research budget, receipt of funding for project overheads (a 15% performance grant from HEC, the university’s own contribution, and any matching funds from industry), and auditing the financial records of the research support budget.
  8. The ORIC’s primary controls will be University Industrial Linkages, Placements, startup, and Training & Development.
  9. All of the aforementioned academic research, market research, placements, linkages, startup, and training sessions are operationalized by ORIC.
  10. Should submit an annual report detailing the University’s accomplishments in research and outlining its priority areas for research for graduate studies to the Advance Studies and Research Board (AS&RB).
S. No. Objectives Plan/Strategy Accomplishment Date
1 SIMT Journal. Call for paper. Call for the timely publication of the document in accordance with the annual plan. 2 issues
2 SIMT Research Conference The sole focus of SIMT Research Conference, a completed research conference in the vicinity of SIMT, where students from all from all over Pakistan to present the studies pertaining specifically to scope of management sciences. Annual
3 Market Research The staff and students at ORICs collaborate with corporate sectors on corporate research projects.         


4 Agreements Signed with Industry ORIC will work with numerous

companies from the sector as well as in addition to working with institutions to study and develop the instructors and students

5 Training/Seminars The goal of this training/seminar is to discuss an academic topic in order to obtain a deeper understanding of it and to build the capacity of the participants, who are teachers and students. TBD
6 Students Placements &

Recruitment Drives

The corporate sector and industry have partnered with SIMT ORIC to help with job placement. Semester Wise
7 Executive Development Centre


Industry and corporate sectors are aligned with SIMT ORIC for organizational development and professional growth. As per industry need
8 Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Students at SIMT are urged to bring fresh, creative company ideas for incubation. Yearly


The steering committee shall act as a governing body for the ORIC, and provide leadership and governance oversight. The steering committee shall continuously review the performance of the ORIC in line with the objectives and strategic plans/roadmaps and provide effective oversight and evaluation. The steering committee shall consist of at least 07 members, of which the majority is from the private Sector, and the remaining from senior university officials.

  1. ) Devise and approve the 5-year strategic plan for the ORIC and ensure its proper compliance.
  2. ) Review and approve the recommendations for implementation of initiatives for better achievement of ORIC objectives and strategic plans
  3. ) Review periodic monitoring reports based on the set objectives and strategic plans and advise the ORIC leadership accordingly
  4. ) Provide policy guidance to ORIC leadership
  5. ) Ensure that ORICs activities and initiatives are coordinated with other relevant stakeholders, inside or outside the HEI.
  6. )Provide crucial support and advice on matters to promote university-industry linkages and commercialization
  7. )Advice the Director ORIC on the challenges related to research management