QEC is committed to assure and enhance the quality of higher education at Indus University
with respect to good teaching strategies, sound infrastructure, outcome-based education,
positive students’ perception, valid programs assessment tools and a learning environment
conducive to research activities.


1. collate data through feedback forms and course outlines/ plans from the respective

2. To conduct trainings on regular basis for the Program & Assessment Team in order to
generate awareness regarding self-assessment process.

3. To assess the current status of educational provision at departmental level by holding
meetings with the Program & Assessment Team.

4. To critically examine the data and formulate recommendations in consultation with the
concerned Head/Chairperson/ In-charge of the department.

5. To follow the progress of the corrective actions highlighted in the Self Assessment
Report (SAR) by the respective departments.

6. To affirm whether curriculum, subject and staff development, research and other
scholarly activities are conducted as per the HEC criteria.

7. To facilitate the respective departments in getting accreditation certificate from the
councils/ bodies prescribed by Higher Education Commission.

8. To acquire the membership of the international agencies working in the domain of
quality assurance.

9. To verify whether Institutional Performance Evaluation Standards (IPES) devised for
the betterment of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are in accordance with the HEC