It is a source of great pleasure and satisfaction for me to see that SIMT has now started marching towards new horizons with the aim of exploring new avenues in education.

We are trying to provide a well-educated, professionally well-skilled and technically advanced new generation to our beloved Pakistan. Our commitment to the cause of education with professional development of the younger generation has given us the first fruit in the shape of the charter by the Government of Sindh.

Our Rector & Dean Faculty of CS & IT, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hussain Shah Bukhari, is a Social Scientist of international repute. The rest of the faculty is highly reputed in their respective fields.

We are not only emphasizing on imparting better education but also focusing on co-curricular activities which are essential for the healthy growth and intellectual development of the students.

In view of the needs and requirement of the present day world we have introduced B.Ed. & M.Ed. Programs in SIMT so that the students having interest in Social Sciences in related field of disciplines .i.e. Education

Life in today’s dynamic world is extremely competitive. Those of us who are continuously striving to maintain the universal standards of progress in education and professional development and understanding the market requirements are on the path of success. Challenges keep surfacing in our lives and the challenge of tackling them requires a continuous effort and determination of will, ability, strength, dedication and faith.

Accomplishing one’s goals and turning our aspirations into reality requires tremendous discipline, mental alertness, hard work and capability in making realistic Judgments. It requires conviction and affirmation of a profession to achieve the required excellence. Achieving the unachievable is not by accident but through dedicated focus and concentration.

It is my firm belief that students who are prepared to go beyond the required curricula or assignments will definitely achieve their full potential and ultimate distinction. Be a student as long as you have something to learn, and this means all your life.

You will be pleased to know that SIMT has developed its own unique criteria for admission process in comparison to the private institutions of higher learning. Our steadfast belief in Allah and our mission to educate our fellow countrymen has aided us in conquering many achievements.

We are grateful to Allah for all the rewards bestowed upon SIMT and seek His blessings. We are moving forward to line up to our vision based on global perspectives. Our mission is dynamic members of the comity of nations with your efforts and blessings of Allah Almighty.

Wish you best of luck

Muhammad Asif Farooqui
Chancellor & Chairman