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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): Strategies to improve self-satisfaction of employees in organizations

This research paper reveals that the self-satisfaction plays a vital role not only in the development and growth 
of the employees but also for the organization. There come several steps and the stages when no 
compensation or reward could be the replacement of self-satisfaction. This research aims to identify the 
importance of the self-satisfaction of the employees, its aspects, its vision and its effects as well. This research 
also focuses on exploring the several ways of building and monitoring the self-satisfaction for being a perfect 
manager in business filed. A qualitative study was made for getting opinion of the individuals of several 
professionals belonging to various walks of business world in order to make the research productive for 
business managers and other employees. In this regard, three interviews were conducted on HR professionals 
holding top management position in their organizations. In each organization, the employees are rewarded 
for their best performance with benefits and compensated as and when it seems to be appropriate. Although 
it is the right of the employees to have appreciation for their appreciable performance it may or may not be 
in shape of monetary reward. This study helps organizations to find out the areas where their employees fall 
under the circumstances of Self-satisfaction and how this is being influenced indirectly to the organization. 
This study would help the graduate level students to make understand self-satisfaction of the employees as 
well as its importance that to what extent, it may be found in favor of the organization. This research would 
also cover the hurdles which become the cause of disruption of the self-satisfaction of the employee which 
do not let the employees to work effectively. It further elaborates the actual significance of the satisfaction of 
the employees towards attainment of their goals at the work environment and provides the positive ways in 
order to make self- development for the employees.
Consequently, the goal of this study would focus on the findings that the self-satisfaction does count a lot for 
all business managers or employees in order to keep themselves satisfied and for the organization as well.

Published: 2023-10-19
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