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Scholarship/Financial Aid

Talent Hunt Scholarship Program

To Produce Graduate & Postgraduate in the field of Education to cater the requirements of the market for socio-economic development of the country.

2. SIMTians

3. Alumni

4. Armed Forces Personnel / Government Employees Scheme

10% tuition fee waiver is available for on job Army personnel, Government employees, Bankers and Media related personnels and their children for the whole program.

Documents Requirement:

5. Need base Assistance

Students who will demonstrate significant financial need and required GPA will qualify for this category. The candidate should collect the form from the Admissions Office and submit it with the admissions form and academic documents. This discount depends on his / her financial condition.


Documents Requirement:

a.     Application for Assistance

b.     Last drawn Salary Slip

c.      If owner of own business, bank statement of last 3 months

d.     If owner of own business, bank statement of last 3 months

e.     Copy of CNIC

f.       Office Identity Card

6. Position Holder Scheme

Position holders of National & International Examinations are sent letters through their colleges to inform them of their scholarship award.

Documents Requirement:

7. Teaching Assistant

Students can apply for the post of a Teaching Assistant (TA) when they complete their fourth semester. Only students scoring CGPA of 3.5 or above may be offered this post.

8. SIMT Group

Documents Requirement for SIMT Group Clients:

Documents Requirement for SIMT Employees:

9. Installment Plan

To reduce the burden of the tuition fee- payment, the students can pay in monthly installments, The Admission fee and semester registration fee cannot be paid in installments.

10. Deadline for Discounts/Installments

The right time for submitting any request for discounts / scholarships / financial aid scheme/installments is the last date of admission form submissions. After the deadline no queries will be entertained.

11. SIMT Performance Award

SIMT grants fee concession up to 100°AD (for fall and spring), based on the following criteria