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Quality Assurance and Student Supervision

The scope and functions of QEC and Research Cell are as below.


Evaluate and introduce best practices and continuous quality enhancement to shape SIMT as a world class institution for higher education/advanced studies and research.



Advanced Studies and Research Cell.

The Research Directorate would initiate and promote research work by students and faculty of SIMT. In this connection, the objective would be to imbibe the urge for new and original research work for the elevation of business organization in Sindh and Pakistan. A tri-monthly newsletter is being planned which would be up-graded into a research journal as soon as the Faculty and students bodies grow up in size and eminence, worthy of a dynamic academic institution. Meanwhile the Research Cell would assume the task for guiding the students who will be required to undertake their Final-Year-Project before the award of The BBA/MBA degree.

Arrangement For Academic Supervision Of Students.

  1. There will program coordinators who will look after the academic requirements and facilitation of the students. They will be the persons to contact for the students. However we will hand over the manual of rules, regulations, standards for outlines, attendance, teaching quality, Student Feedback forms regarding teachers, administrative support and overall facilities. SIMT Management i.e; rector/Director and Director QEC will be monitoring every process very closely and working out every possible plan to facilitate the teachers and students in every way. The program Coordinators will be reporting to the Rector/Director and Director QEC for all day to day updates.

  2. However a check and balance will be maintained time and time again on all academic activities. There will be a review meetings on the academic standards and matters every now and then or as and when required.

Arrangements for Quality Assurance.

Quality Enhancement and assurance Cell will be established in order to maintain and enhance the quality standards of higher education at every step. QEC Team will be intensively working the quality of education and they will not compromise on the quality at any cost.

SIMT Teaching Methodology.

  1. Interactive Lectures.
  2. Study Tours.
  3. Field Research.
  4. Project Work.
  5. Quizzes.
  6. Audio-Visual Sessions.
  7. Assignments.
  8. Group Activities.
  9. Guest Speaker Sessions.
  10. Presentations.
  11. Continuous Evaluation.

Level Of Administrative and Technical Sopport For Quality Assurance.

All audio-visual aids and other administrative measures will be ensured every hour to run the system smoothly. Our administration will facilitate the academic process by maintaining hygienic environment, providing stand-by generators, installing multimedia, installing and maintaining AC’s in the class-rooms, and providing the faculty members and students with everything they require in the smooth conduct of the classes.