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Vice Chancellor's Message

Being the first Vice-Chancellor of Sindh Institute of Management & Technology Chartered by Government of Sindh as a Degree Awarding Institute and Recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad, it is a matter of pleasure and pride that the SIMT has successfully entered into its starting age. I would fully utilize all my energies, experience and potentials to make this Institute a great seat of learning and would continue the efforts to bring this Institute to national and international fame.

 My focus would be on academic excellence and would try that the SIMT may prove its distinction imparting quality education, learning, research and in other academic activities. The SIMT currently offers disciplines including Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Technologies, engineering, Education, Media Sciences and Fashion Design programs. These fields will not only be confined to the undergraduate level but also leading to the graduate and postgraduate programs of MS/MPhil and PhD. We would not halt here and would try to expand the sphere of academic activities by launching more new disciplines in emerging and applied sciences.

With the help and support of the dedicated & highly qualified faculty, talented students & competent staff, SIMT is striving hard for achieving many milestones in near future. I am confident that with the commitment of my colleagues and prayers of our well-wishers, SIMT will become paragon of excellence by becoming one of the top Institutes of the world and the top model Institutes of Pakistan.

Best Wishes & Compliments


Prof. Dr. Abdul Hussain Shah Bukhari

MSc (Sindh); PhD (Moscow); D.I.S.P (Sweden); Post doctorate (California) USA


Prof. Dr. Abdul Hussain Shah Bukhari has rendered tremendous services to the cause of higher education, research, science and technological development. He took initiative and personal efforts to establish the “Institute of Physics & Technology (IPT)” at University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan in 1979, and the first of its kind in Pakistan with four departments of Physics, Electronics, Computer Technology, and Communication Technology. 

Dr. Bukhari established “Institute of Information Technology (IIT)” in January 1998 with four departments of Electronics, computer and Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Software Engineering at University of Sindh. He served as Director of both “Institute of Physics and Technology (IPT)”and “Institute of Information Technology (IIT)” respectively for 20 years starting from 1st January 1980.

He was appointed as Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences by the Chancellor (Governor of Sindh) from 20th September 1999 to 12th August 2001 the date of his superannuating. In the capacity of Dean, Dr. A.H.S Bukhari was heading 5 Institutes: Institute of Information Technology (IIT), Mathematics and Computer Science (IMCS), Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Biochemistry with 10 Departments: Departments of Physics, Statistics, Physiology, Geography, Geology, Botany, Zoology, Fresh Water Biology and Psychology. 

Dr. Bukhari established the “Information Technology Centre (ITC)”, an IT project by Ministry of Science and Technology, Telecommunications & Information Technology Division, Islamabad and served as Professor and Director of “Information Technology Center (ITC)” at Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam from 12th March 2002 to Feb. 2003.

He also established private “Centre for Information Technology (CIT)” at Sindh University Employees Co-operative Housing Society (SUECHS), Jamshoro in March 2003, registered by Sindh Board of Technical Education, Karachi. He remained as the Director of this centre up to October 30, 2004.

Dr. Bukhari Joined as a Professor in the “Faculty of Computer and Emerging Sciences” at the “Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences”, Quetta from November 01, 2004. Dr. Bukhari worked as Professor and Chairman, Information Technology, Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering. The subjects of interest of Dr. Bukhari are Data Communication and Networks, Digital Logic Design, Telecommunication Systems, Computer Architecture, Digital Electronics, Digital Systems Design, Electronic Devices & Circuits etc.

 Dr. Bukhari established the Faculty of Information & Communication Technology (FICT), at Baluchistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS), Quetta, Pakistan and worked as Professor and Dean of (FICT). The established FICT includes the Departments of IT, Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and Computer Science.

Dr. Bukhari was the convener of the National Conference on “Information Technology and Applications” organized by BUITMS, Quetta on April 21-22, 2005. He is the Editor of the Proceedings of “National Conference on Information Technology and Applications”, published by BUITMS, Quetta.

Dr. Bukhari worked as Professor and Dean, Faculty of Computing Sciences and Information Technology at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University (BBSU), Lyari, Karachi since March 01, 2012.

Dr. Bukhari has 48 research and general publications in National and International Journals and two more publications in pipeline. He supervised many research students leading to the Degree of MS/M.Phil.

Dr. Bukhari in December 1967 proceeded for doing Ph.D. at “Moscow State University”, USSR in Electronics under Cultural Exchange Program through Ministry of Education, Pakistan and returned back to Pakistan in March 1972.

 Dr. Bukhari obtained Postdoctoral Training and Diploma in Digital Systems at “Institute of Technology”, Uppsala University, Sweden during 1976-77 under sponsorship of Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

He proceeded to U.S.A in 1986 under sponsorship of USAID, Washington DC for Postdoctoral Training in the Center of Excellence namely “Centre for Robotic Systems in Microelectronics” at University of California Santa Barbara, U.S.A.

 During all these years, besides engaging himself with higher education, research and academic administration, Dr Bukhari visited several universities, teaching departments and research centers in 17 various countries throughout the world sponsored by SIDA, USAID and UNESCO. He participated in National and International conferences, and attended symposiums, schools, seminars etc. representing various Universities of Pakistan. He enjoyed the membership of all the national and important educational, scientific and technological organizations of the country.

Utilizing his vast experience in establishing IT Departments/Institutes/Centers/Faculties, various disciplines, developing laboratories, introducing research, updating the curricula and academic standards of the Departments/Institutes/Centers/Faculties, Dr. Bukhari emerged as a pioneer of Information Technology (IT) in Pakistan in1997 and established first “Institute of Information Technology” in University of Sindh.

Dr. Bukhari was awarded Gold Medal for Academic and Administrative Excellence and Certificate of Excellence for appreciation of invaluable services and illustriously meritorious achievements to the cause of education in general and university in particular, by the Chancellor (Governor of Sindh) in Convocation ’96 held by University of Sindh.

Dr. Bukhari has dedicated and devoted all these years and extended his outstanding contributions to the field of IT, Science, Technology & Engineering Education and earned a very high reputation and respect in the community inside and outside Pakistan.    

Prof. Dr. Abdul Hussain Shah Bukhari
Vice Chacellor / Rector