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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Department of Business Administration



Sindh Institute of Management and Technology chartered by Government of Sindh as degree awarding institute and recognized by HEC has come up with 4 faculties in Gulistan-e-Johar. Business Administration is one of them. It is considered as the major faculty. Surrounded by various schools and colleges along with high gentry living localities the institute felt for such a faculty. Students who are being groomed in the surrounding in particular need some space to maneuver and the institute provided them that.

In facts a major chunk of students around are on hunt for a high profile institute within their reach. Going afar for higher education is a sheer waste of time and energy. The logic is very much understandable to the inhabitants particularly the young and energetic generation who want to save time and energy with a view to utilize them for extra-curriculum activities. That very facility too is available here.

Today the mercantile society needs strong force to polish the business activities and it is undoubtedly the means to reach to ecstasy. There is no shortcut to it. For a continuous growth that ensures the wellbeing of the masses, high profile planning and development strategy is a pre-requisite. Making such scheme is the work of the capable human brain. This faculty is keen to produce such brain.

The students are provided necessary tools and experiences have been shared with them so that they can get the right track to move on.

This faculty is well-aware of the market demand. Making liaison with people in the helm of affair course plan has been made so that the exited pupils can easily avail job opportunities on the one hand and deliver goods for the betterment of the society.


Quality education at affordable cost

SIMT is well-aware of the pecuniary condition of the people. Keeping in view of that fee structure has been prepared for the business education program. The fee structure graph is kept low in comparison with that of other private educational institutions. But it in no way harms our resolve to provide quality education to the young generation.


PhD Faculty

Being a new institution SIMT is trying to engage high profile faculty members including PhDs to keep updated teaching methods and techniques at the doorsteps of the students.


Program Offered

The Department of Business Administration is currently offering the following programs:

BBA (4 years)

MBA (3.5 yrs)

MBA (2.5 yrs)

MBA (1.5 yrs)

EMBA (2 yrs)


Undergraduate Program


The Department of Business Administration of SIMT offers a complete 4-year (8 semesters) BBA course with special emphasis on marketing, finance and human resource management.

Students are necessitated to successfully complete44 courses with 138 credit hours including 6 credit hours of research project.  These courses are suitably divided into 8 semesters. The first and the last semesters hold 5 courses each while the rest hold 6 courses each. Students should follow the schedule. But in extreme cases the schedule may be relaxed. The maximum time limit of fulfilling the criteria is seven years.

It is mandatory for the BBA students to do minimum 6 week internship in any organization and produce a detailed report of minimum 1900 words. Internship should start after the 4th semester.

Admission eligibility & procedure for BBA

Having the Inter certificate with 50% marks or 3 level passes (excluding General Paper) under a recognized Board or an equivalent from a recognized institution may be the eligibility criteria for admission at SIMT. The candidates have to go through a written test and interview to finally buy the entrance ticket.


Graduate program


The Department of Business Administration offers MBA degree program with Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, Project Management, Islamic Banking, Supply Chain Management, Information System and Hospitality. Duration of the program varies with what the candidate has already accomplished academically (See the eligibility criteria).  It may be 1.5 years, 2.5 years, 3.5 and 2 years. Classes are held on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. All the MBA/EMBA students are required to complete 6 week internship confirmation of which demands a report not less than 2000 words.


Admission eligibility & procedure for MBA & EMBA

MBA  3.5 Years

Having 14 years of formal education (B.A/B.Sc/B. Com etc) with 50 percent or 2.5 CGPA from HEC recognized institute.

MBA  2.5 Years

Having 16 years of formal education (M.A/M. Sc/BE/MBBS etc) with 50 percent or 2.5 CGPA from HEC recognized institute.

MBA  1.5 Years

Having 16 years of Business Education (4-year BBA/old MBA/M. Com etc) with 50% or 2.5 CGPA from HEC recognized institute.

EMBA  2 Years

Having 14 years of formal education (B.A/B.Sc/B. Com etc) with 50 percent or 2.5 CGPA from HEC recognized institute.

All students of these categories have to go through a written test followed by Viva to get an admissibility ticket.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The department offers a 4-year BBA degree program of 138

credit hours with specialization in Finance, Marketing and Human

Resource. The students must compulsorily complete minimum

6 weeks internship at any business organization under Elective IV.


Duration 4 years
Semesters 8
Courses (Including internship 46
Total Credit Hours 138




Course code Course Title Pre-requisite Credit hours
ASC   100 Basic Mathematics None 3
CSC   181 Introduction to Computers None 3
HMT 105 Pakistan & Islamic Studies None 3
HMT 101 English-I None 3
BUS  101 Introduction to Business None 3
Course code Course Title Pre-requisite Credit hours
ECN   101 Principles of Economics  None 3
HMT  102 English-II HMT 101 3
ACT   211 Principles of Accounting None 3
MKT  321 Principles of Marketing None 3
MGT 201 Principles of Management None 3
Course code Course Title Pre-requisite Credit hours
HMT  302 Psychology None 3
ACT   202 Financial Accounting ACT  211 3
ASC   162 Business Mathematics ASC  100 3
MGT  311 Organizational Behavior MGT 201 3
HMT  215 Business Communication HMT 102 3
ASC   304 Statistics None 3
Course code Course Title Pre-requisite Credit hours
HMT  301 Sociology None 3
HMT  401 Business Research Methods ASC  304 3
HST   315 Business and Industrial Law None 3
ECN  107 Economic Analysis & Policies ECN  101 3
  Elective-I   3
FIN  201 Introduction to Business Finance ACT  202 3
Course code Course Title Pre-requisite Credit hours
MGT  321 Human Resource Management MGT201 3
MKT   411 Marketing Management MKT321 3
MGT  510 Total Quality Management None 3
ACT    421 Managerial Accounting ACT202 3
ACT   301 Cost Accounting & Adv. Accounting ACT211 3
  Elective-II   3
Course code Course Title Pre-requisite Credit hours
MGT   541 Strategic Management MKT 411 3
MGT   431 Entrepreneurship MKT 411 3
MGT   531 Project Management MKT 411 3
FIN     311 Financial Management FIN  201 3
  Project--I   3
MGT  621 Business Policy None 3
Course code Course Title Pre-requisite Credit hours
MKT   322 Consumer Behavior MKT 411 3
ESM   101 Quantitative Skills None 3
  Internship-I   3
  Internship-II   3
MGT 231 Personal Management/Self-Management None 3
MGT 300 Law of Taxation None 3
Course code Course Title Pre-requisite Credit hours
  Project-II   3
MKT  506 Strategic Marketing  MGT 321 3
SCM  421 Supply Chain Management MKT  411 3
MGT 322 Operations Management MKT  411 3
MIS   222 Management Information Systems CSC   181 3
  Elective-IV   3


Code Course Title
FIN501 Corporate Finance
FIN502 Working Capital Management
FIN503 Taxation Management
FIN504 Companies Law
FIN505 Treasury & Fund Management
FIN506 Security Analysis
FIN507 Project Evaluation
FIN511 Analysis of Financial Statement
FIN531 Micro Finance
FIN643 Portfolio Management
FINxxx International Finance
FIN563 Investment Banking
Code Course Title
MKT501 Advertising
MKT502 Sales Management
MKT503 Brand Management
MKT504 Services Marketing
MKT507 International Marketing
MKT511 Consumer Behavior
MKTxxx Internet Marketing
MKTxxx New Product Development
MKTxxx Retail Marketing
Human Resource Management
Code Course Title
MGT501 Recruitment & Selection
MGT502 Industrial Relations
MGT503 Organizational Development
MGT504 Training & Development
MGT505 Compensation Management
MGT506 Strategic Human Resource Management
MGT507 Performance Management
MGT509 Human Resource Development
MGT511 Organizational Theory & Design
MGT583 Human Resource Laws
MGT584 Motivation & Reward Management
MGT585 Strategic Leadership
MGTxxx Human Resource Information System
MGT623 Advance Organizational Development